Our new Text Effects awareness project uses targeted messaging to educate and empower youth and adults alike on the real dangers youth face in exploitative and dangerous situations.
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Our Research

Research has shown that text and instant messaging is an effective mode to provide informational support to vulnerable groups, such as teenagers, in moments of particular worry. The text stories we release are based on the real-life experiences of our clients and data collected from our case management team. They are aimed to reveal true stories through text conversations, and also include the thoughts, or true intentions, of those who may seek to place young people in danger. These thoughts are those that are typically unknown and leave our young people with the inability to foresee harmful situations.

If you want to take action

Here are three things you can do right now:

As a Parent

Here are the top 3 things you can do:

As a Teen

Here are the top 3 things you can do:

Text Effects is going beyond tradition awareness

We aim to: