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Meeting Our Mission.

A number of dedicated leaders and organizations are working on this issue, but we can be more effective through greater collaboration.”

– Robb Pitts, Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of Fulton County

There’s power in numbers

youthSpark partners with individual members of the community to legal advocates to educate not only on the topic of youth exploitation and abuse, but also on its evidence-based early intervention approaches and the research. Through trainings, speaking engagements and legal advocacy, youthSpark fulfills its mission to support vulnerable youth.

Get involved

Trainings, events, and program development

Ambassador trainings

At youthSpark, we provide cutting edge services, education, and advocacy to achieve a world free of youth trafficking, exploitation, and abuse. We need you to help us go further by being a voice for victims who can't defend themselves. Our ambassador training opens doors for you to further get involved within our organization and/or become an true advocate for the cause.

Program development

With over a decade of research experience and working hands-on with teens, youthSpark has dedicated itself to teach other leaders and the community-at-large about youth trafficking, exploitation, and abuse space.

These workshops are designed for professionals who come in direct contact with the vulnerable youth, including doctors, nurses, teachers, school administrators, and juvenile courts.

Awareness events

At youthSpark, we're passionate about educating those far and wide about the youth abuse continuum as a key part of our offerings. 

We work with all groups in the community, which may include sororities, book clubs, religious groups, and more to expand youthSpark’s impact across Atlanta and Georgia.

Court and legal advocacy

We've always been vocal about protecting youth at risk of human trafficking at all levels of the law: locally here in Atlanta, throughout the state of Georgia, and even at the federal level.

We are the boots on the ground — you can find us at the Capitol advocating for laws to change or out raising awareness in the community. Our learnings from the Youth Services Center gives us a unique viewpoint and expertise to help inform specific language for new or existing laws.

We recognize that we can’t do this work alone and partner with multiple coalitions and organizations to make a difference at a legal level.