Our work

We're working for transformative justice. We provide holistic youth services, meaningful research projects, and offer community training and advocacy to inform systems change in the Atlanta and Georgia community.

Our Youth Center

We work directly with vulnerable youth providing them with trauma-informed and race-conscious case management and group therapy to improve their well-being. Our day-to-day work is providing counseling, case management, safety planning, and other support to our youth. Our clinical staff keep youth connected with vetted community service providers, and provide crisis intervention.

At our Center, youth can attend support groups and life skills classes, receive educational support and job training, and engage in other prosocial activities in our safe, teen-friendly space. We also provide other unique opportunities by working with a network of trusted community partners to expand our capacity, including offering access to community-based activities that empower youth and encourage their dreams to take flight. Our staff connect youth to meaningful economic and educational opportunities, such as on-site job training and GED classes through various partners.

We also provide court advocacy on behalf of our clients, and have worked to implement new and strengthen existing community-based alternatives to incarceration, including our “Expressions” program that offers services to court-involved LGBTQ youth.

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The advocacy, care, and guidance youthSpark offers allows these future adults to take control of their destinies, grow, and positively impact our society.”

– Hyacinth Edwards, Board of Directors Co-Chair, Federal Home Loan Bank

Trainings and awareness

Through programs like our Community Ambassadors program, awareness events, and program development, we’re able to provide training and help to community members who want to learn about the real-world issues youthSpark addresses and how they can make a difference, either through volunteerism, advocacy, education, or best practices.

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hours of youthSpark training events conducted in 2019
ambassadors active in the youthSpark community
adults educated in 2019, along with more than 400 kids

Innovative research

youthSpark uses research combined with client experiences to design and deliver evidence-based interventions and impactful programs that work for vulnerable youth.

Our research culminates in:

This holistic, systemic approach helps ensure youthSpark’s work is sustainable and cross-cutting across all sectors to prevent youth abuse and exploitation and meaningfully impact youth.

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