A Future. Not a Past.

Our initial work to end child sex trafficking was focused mainly on serving victims. Several years after Angela’s House was established, we realized that if you just save victims, there will always be a new victim to save. To truly protect children, you need to create a culture that will prevent further exploitation by pimps and buyers. So in 2007, we created A Future. Not A Past. (AFNAP), a landmark campaign designed to fight the demand for the prostitution of our children in Georgia. We address the issue through a four-tiered strategy of research, prevention, intervention and education.

Some of our accomplishments include commissioning research to quantify the extent of the problem in Georgia; training over 3,000 law enforcement officers; and successfully advocating for Georgia HB200, which modified and expanded the scope of Georgia’s Human Trafficking Law. A Future. Not A Past. has been replicated in states across the country.

Want more information about child sex trafficking? Check out our online Trafficking Resource Hub!


Want to learn more about how to organize your community to fight child sex trafficking? Check out our A Future. Not A Past. Toolkit & Action Guide!

Our toolkit provides a layout on how to organize and galvanize community support to educate people on this issue. It gives an overview of our history and how we developed our model to fight trafficking. The toolkit has a variety of resources, including DVDs and handouts that can be personalized according to the needs of your group and community.

The toolkit can be purchased for $50 ($40 for the toolkit, plus $10 for shipping and handling). To purchase the toolkit online, visit our PayPal page (you do not need a PayPal account) by clicking the “Donate” button .

If you don’t have a PayPal account, scroll to the bottom of the page where it says “Don’t have a PayPal account?” and click “Continue.” After entering in your payment information, and pressing “Review Donation and Continue,” you will be taken to a second page to confirm your donation amount. Underneath the donation amount, there will be a small line that says “Add special instructions to recipient.” Click the plus sign next to that, and enter in “toolkit” as well as the address you would like the toolkit shipped to. You will finalize the payment by clicking “Donate Now.”

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